Do we live in an information society?  (link to pdf file)

Essay for the module on Library and Information Science Foundation, taught by Lyn Robinson and David Bawden in 2016, Msc Library Science – City, University of London.

Abstract: This brief essay analyses the use of the term ‘information society’ as a description of our contemporary way of living. Initially, it highlights that despite its popularity, the term is actually very difficult to define and highly controversial among scholars. The related ideas of ‘information age’ and ‘information revolution’ are examined. Through the notion of ‘information revolution’, it becomes clear that thinkers of the ‘information society’ can be distinguished between those who stress the newness of our condition, and those who insist on the continuities of broader socio-economic capitalist structures. Central to the argumentation of this essay is sociologist Frank Webster’s Theories of Information Society and his idea that ‘There is no novel, “post-industrial” society: the growth of service occupations and associated developments highlight the continuities of the present with the past’ (Webster 2014).